Concealed Carry class on February 13, 2021 at 9am. It will cover what is required to apply for your Oregon, Utah or Arizona permits. There is room for 6 more students. It is $80 for 2 permits or $100 for all 3. You must have your home state permit before the applications are sent to the other states. Arizona and Utah are both multi state permits. Please either send me an email or call 360-600-9712 to sign up for the class or to talk about what type of training you seek. The classes will be tailored to fit your specific needs. It takes practice to be good at anything and firearms are no exception to that axiom. It may be difficult to find time to go to a range to shoot but you can practice everything except live fire at home. You will retain the skills you learn doing dry practice and they transfer to live fire. It is not natural for a human to have an explosion and flame 15 to 18 inches in front of your face, as when a pistol shoots. Dry practice can help train you to be more effective when using ammunition.

Earn the certificates required to apply for your Oregon and Utah or Arizona permits from NRA certified instructor, Jim Medlock. $45 for each state or $80 for 2 or all 3 of them. Only local police or sheriff departments are able to issue concealed carry permits. You must apply and get them through those agencies. If you want handgun training combined with concealed carry the class is $285. It includes the use of 4 pistols and ammunition. Concealed Carry permits are not the same as a driver's license. They are valid in only certain states depending upon the issuing state.

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Get hands-on experience with this NRA certified class in handgun safety for $205. Includes 30 rounds of .22 ammunition and range fees. It includes the use of 4 different pistols and ammunition. The class includes about 4 hours of classroom training and 1.5 hours at the range.

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Have a one-on-one class of handgun or rifle instruction with Jim. $75 per hour. Tactical and advanced training is offered by my colleague Bo Oeltjen at 360-448-3614. If you are an accomplished shooter and want to learn advanced techniques Bo is an awesome instructor.

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These are interesting times and many people have decided to own a gun for self defense and home defense. Consider talking to me about which gun you should buy. I charge $50 for one hour at a range where you will be able to shoot several different pistols before deciding which one to own. The range charges its own fee for the rental and you need to buy their ammunition. It is well worth it. Guns are as different for each person as are cars and shoes. What fits your friend might not be the best gun for you. Because of the Coronavirus both firearms and ammunition are in high demand and difficult to find.

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Jim Medlock is an NRA-certified instructor from Vancouver, WA. He is also a proud father and husband.

It can take less than 3 seconds for a gunfight to take place. You need to be prepared for that possibility. We should all refuse to be victims of violence against ourselves and those we care about. Whether you are a man or a woman you should be able to defend yourself and that may require using a firearm.

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